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about BMICH

The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall is the premier location in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka for international conferences, plenary sessions, trade & academic shows, exhibitions, beauty pageants and musical & drama events.

Deemed as one of Asia's most up-to-date conference venues and ranked as South Asia's best, the BMICH blends the best of professional facilities with the natural beauty of Paradise offering memories that last a lifetime. Sri Lanka, famed for its profuse natural beauty, from the misty hills to the exotic palm fringed sandy beaches - its evergreen forests untouched by civilizations and the diverse flora and fauna makes it a most sought after milieu of the western traveler.

The rich cultural heritage of more than 2500 years along with the welcoming nature of its citizen, makes Sri Lanka the ultimate destination for MICE Tourism.

BMICH Architecture & Interior Decoration
The aesthetic appeal of the Hall as seen from outside is a matter of individual response which is best left to each viewer to decide for himself. Most viewers agree that the skyline and facade are an unforgettable sight. The octagonal shape of the building is in accord with traditions of Sri Lanka's indigenous architecture. The design of the interior is simple consisting of spacious halls, high ceilings supported by chaste columns imparting an immaculate atmosphere and finish to the whole.

Aesthetically it is beautiful visual experience whether in the day time or in the night, under fluid light or by moon-light when it is bathed in the iridescent glow of its marble. Of special interest is the marble bust of the late Prime Minister which stands on the platform at the end of the entrance to the Hall. It was produced in China by Chinese sculptors who had never seen the late Prime Minister and were therefore guided in their work only by his photographs and description. The striking resemblance it bears to the original is a measure of their genius. At the rear of the bust, as a background as it were, is a large mural painting representing a panoramic view of the hinterland as seen from Colombo and depicting some of the familiar landmarks of the island such as the peak of Sri Pada, the Bible rock and Kandy. This mural is the world of three outstanding Chinese painters.

Use of Hall
In keeping with the objectives for which it was intended the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall will be available as a venue for international conferences, seminars, study groups and other gatherings. The use of the Hall will be at the discretion of the Hall authorities on agreed terms and conditions which would include rentals to cover its services, deposits, etc. The organization of the proposed conference or seminar will be the responsibility of the organizers concerned, and the responsibility of the Hall authorities will be confined to providing the necessary conference facilities in good condition.

Requests for the use of the Hall should be addressed to the Administrator, Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka.