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Press Releases
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11/08/1964: Bandaranaike Hall at golf links
( By a " Daily News" Reporter)

It has been decided that the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall should be put up at the Havelock Golf links Colombo.

Rs. 3 million have been provided in the estimates for 1964-65 for work in connection with this project.
People's China has undertaken to supply building materials and assist in the construction of the hall, and the project will be a gift from China under the economic aid between Ceylon and China, according to Finance Ministry Sources.

The building in the scheme of the conference hall consists of three main units : the conference hall proper, secretariat 1 and secretariat 2.

The hall is designed for international regional conferences with a strength of 90 delegations of six delegates each. The hall seating is so designed that the hall could be used for a full scale conference of 130 delegations comprising three per delegation. Simultaneous translation facilities in seven languages will be provided in addition to other facilities such as tape recording and broadcasting. There will be information centers providing for conference, travel and tourist information, a post office, bank centre, handicraft shop, delegates lounges and cafeterias.

Secretariat 1 will comprise a number of committee rooms, large and small and small rooms for delegations.

Secretariat 2 will be an office building that could be made available for officers and staff of specialized international agencies such as the UNTAB, WHO, UNESCO, ECAFE, Colombo Plan etc.

[source:Daily News]