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14/08/1970:  Bandaranaike Memorial - Largest Hall in the East
The Bandaranaike Memorial Conference Hall will be built as originally proppsed by the People's Republic of China to serve as a complete auditorium to accommodate international confernces.It will be one of the largest in the East.
The government has rejected proposals made by the previous regime to modify the original project by reducing the size of the conference hall.

A ministerial sub- committee has already been set up under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike to supervise the project. The sub-committee includes the Minister's of Irrigation, Finance, International Trade, Posts and Telecommunication, Cultural Affairs and housing and construction, Dr. Nath Amerekone, will be the secretary.

Dr. Amerekone heads another steering committee which has been set up to direct the planning and construction work of the project. This committee will meet frequently to review the progress of work.

On Wednesday a special team of engineers and architectures arrived from the People's Republic of China to attend to preliminary work-plans, specifications, and designs-of the Memorial Hall. They will spend six week here working as a team.

Modifications proposed by the previous government included a hotel project to accommodate the foreign delegates. The hotel was incorporated in the plan by reducing the size of the Conference Hall.

It has been now decided that the hotel project should be undertaken depending on the availability of funds. The Conference Hall is to be built according to original specifications and will accommodate ninety delegations each comprising six delegates. Negotiations n this regard will be undertaken with the People's Republic of China shortly.

There had been a proposal that a national theatre, too should be included in the project. The government has still not decided whether the proposed theatre should be integrated with the conference hall or whether it should be a separate structure.

Under the agreement for economic and cultural Cooperation between the Government of Ceylon and the Government of China, the Chinese Government agreed to make a free grant of Rs. 50 million to Ceylon with no stings attached. Of this sum Rs. 30 million is being reserved to construct the Memorial Hall which will be the largest international conference hall in the East.

In 1964 an American Architecture Mr. Abel Sorenson was commissioned by the then government to report on UN architectural requirements and he submitted a full report based on which the design work was done in 1966 by a joint team of Chinese and Ceylonese architects and engineers.

In his report Mr. Sorenson observed : "Nations, as people, derive their inspiration from great leaders. The late Mr. Bandaranaike was both a great leader of his country and a hero of his people. The Bandaranaike Memorial Conference Hall is conceived as a living monument to this great leader of Ceylon".

[source:Daily News]