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Elephants at the Pinnawala Elephant sanctuary.
The beautiful island of Sri Lanka, its name meaning ‘resplendent land’ in Sanskrit - has been known through the ages for its uncompromised lush natural beauty and has been referred in many historical literary works and art across the world as the paradise land of mystique and splendor.

With sun kissed beaches to mountains draped in silken clouds, through fertile fields to thick green forests, with wild life, flora and fauna protected and thriving through the ages, Sri Lanka offers many a view to the discerning traveler.

Rich in culture, heritage and a majestic history disciplined by 2500 years of Buddhism – Sri Lanka true to its maxim is one great land like no other!

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Land Area 65,525 Sq. Km
Highest Peak - Pidurutalagala 2524 meters
Longest River - Mahaweli 335 k. meters
Population - 19.043 million
Literacy(%) Male 90.5 Female 82.4
Ethnicity(%) Sinhala 74 Tamil 18 Moors 7 Others 1
Religion(%) Buddhism 69 Hinduism 15 Christianity 8 Islam 7